Obadele Thompson works with private and corporate clients who want to improve their performances and achieve sustainable world-class results.

About Obadele Thompson

Obadele Thompson is a three-time Olympian, Olympic 100m medalist, world record holder, lawyer, international speaker, author, and consultant. He helps athletes, coaches, and organizations around the world unlock their potential and reach their goals by identifying and bridging their performance gaps.

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Obadele is an international speaker who believes in defying odds and unleashing the incredible power within each of us. His messages focus mainly on overcoming adversities, achieving high performance under pressure, becoming a champion student-athlete on and off the field, and various sports-related matters.

World-Class Consulting & Coaching

What’s not living up to your potential or consistently delivering expected results costing you personally and professionally?

In the highly competitive world of performance-driven fields—education, sports, and business—those who consistently produce the highest results at the right time get the best opportunities and rewards.

Let Obadele’s unique approach to high performance consulting and coaching—based on his training, research, observations, and experiences as a decorated student-athlete, Olympian, professional athlete, lawyer, and consultant—help you get unglued from your usual sticking points, so you can improve your performances, and winning bigger and more regularly.

Obadele's Books

If you, your child, or your players want to win bigger and more consistently as a student-athlete on and off the field, then these books are for you!

Based on my experiences as an Academic All-American and NCAA Champion and record holder, and countless conversations with collegiate coaches and former college athletes, these easy to read books offer hundreds of valuable stories, practical tips, and thought-provoking questions on how to achieve exceptional results in the classroom, athletically, and in life regardless of your school or the sport you play.

The NCAA featured Secrets of a Champion Student-Athlete at its Student-Athlete Education Symposium.

Get your copies now and start Mastering the Game!

Secrets of a Champion Student-Athlete: A Reality Check

This book is a treasure for all student-athletes. Obadele shares his wisdom on how to achieve excellence on and off the field.

Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski

Hall of Fame NCAA Championship Coach, Duke University

The Champion Student-Athlete: Workbook

A well-needed guide for every student-athlete. Also, a great resource for coaches because it teaches our athletes how to identify and eradicate problems on their own so that in turn, we as coaches, can have less stress professionally and in our personal lives.

Curtis Frye

Hall of Fame NCAA Championship Coach, University of South Carolina

What They Say About Obadele

Working with Oba has been an invaluable experience that has helped increase not only my physical performance but my mental fortitude. He has helped me bring intentional focus to my training and to constantly work on the mindset necessary for performing at the highest level. As a former athlete, it’s clear that he can relate to the demands of performance, and lays things out in a way that is relatable and applicable. He is extremely thorough and attentive, asking me the hard questions that forced self-reflection and brought to light many things I overlooked. I saw great results in a short timeframe, which undoubtedly will continue to be extremely helpful as I continue to compete.

Phylicia George (Canada),

2018 Olympic Games Bobsleigh Medalists
2 x Olympic Games Finalist in Track & Field
(2012, 2016)

I have had the pleasure to know Obadele for over twenty years and have worked with him in a variety of roles and functions. I have served as his coach, used him as a consultant on coaching education committees and projects, and cooperated on several research projects. During my 45 years as an educator and facilitator, I have been blessed to teach around the world and develop countless leaders, athletes and coaches in a wide array of sporting disciplines at the highest levels. In my extensive history of work I have found that there are certain folks that have the gift for leading and teaching of which Obadele merits the very highest of rankings. I think his greatest strengths are the possession of a unique drive for excellence and a patience of development with those he works with and beside.

Dan A. Pfaff,

Head Coach, Altis Center
CEO, Pfaff Sports Consultancy
Personal coach of multiple Olympic, World and NCAA Champions, medalists and record holders

Working with Oba has been a great gain of knowledge as he has much experience . . . . I can say that he fully wants you to understand what you are doing and specifically why. He has a very pragmatic approach.

Anaso Jobodwana (South Africa),

2015 Track & Field World Championship Medalist,
2 x Olympian (2012, 2016)

Both Oba and I have had amazing careers in track and field, and experienced the highs and lows of sport. Towards the end of my career, Oba became a valuable part of my physical and mental preparation. As former rivals we put our heads together to formulate a plan that resulted in me winning a bronze medal at the 2017 British National Indoor Championships.

Dwain Chambers (United Kingdom),

2010 Track & Field World Champion
Medalist at World and European Championships
2 x Olympian (2000, 2012)