3 x Olympian, Olympic 100m Bronze Medalist, World Record Holder, Lawyer, Speaker & Author

Obadele Thompson has a passion for helping high performers achieve sustainable world-class results. Throughout his life, he has faced and overcome personal and professional odds to become a world-class performer under pressure.

At 15 months old, Obadele finally learned to walk after his parents refused the doctors’ advice to break and brace his bowed-legs.

World-Class Consulting & Coaching

Top performers continually work to outdo their previous best performances and outcomes and outpace competitors. You will be left behind if you are not improving.

Lasting performance improvements come from systematically reducing the performance gaps between where you consistently are and where you could or desire to be.

Obadele works with you personally to identify and solve reasons for your less than optimal or erratic results, and systematically and creatively helps PRIME you for success:

Obadele works with athletes, coaches, teams, administrators, and organizations who want to elevate their performances, accomplish their personal goals, and achieve sustainable world-class results.

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